Below are our artwork policies. We have these policies in place because we want to be able to do the best job we possibly can for you.


Final Artwork

All final artwork must be supplied in electronic form. We will not used faxed or copied artwork when completing a job for you. While we do ask that you fax us a copy of the artwork, we use this faxed copy only for a comparison to insure that the electronic form of the artwork has not been corrupted in some fashion.


Artwork Formats

We very strongly prefer artwork be supplied in vector format. Artwork in bitmapped or rastered formats likely will not have the resolution necessary for us to produce our highest quality work. 

When sending text, please, convert the text to outlines (curves / paths) in your graphics program. Due to copyright and licensing issues, we will not accept your font files.

Acceptable formats: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw 12 and higher, Macromedia Freehand, saved in vector format (EPS files). Common file extensions for vector artwork include .ai, .eps, .cdr, and .fla.

Unacceptable formats: Artwork prepared in Microsoft Word or artwork that has been pulled from Microsoft Powerpoint files. Common file extensions for raster artwork include .gif, .jpg, .png, .psd, and .tif.


Artwork Approvals

We will ask for written approval on all artwork and no work will begin on your order until you have supplied the written approval. We will fax you a Printerator Artwork Approval form for your signature and will accept a faxed copy of the approval form with your signature as the final approval to proceed with your order. Check your artwork carefully and thoroughly before providing your approval.


Artwork Reconstruction or Cleanup

If you do not have your artwork in vector format, we can have it completely reconstructed or converted and cleaned up. The cost of the reconstruction or conversion and clean up work will be passed through to you. The graphic services company we use charges $40/hour, with a half-hour minimum, and 30 minute increments. We will provide you an estimate of these charges and will require your approval before this work will proceed.


Artwork Retention

Your artwork will be kept on file for two years.