SQL Advantage:  Small Quantities ~ Quick Turnaround ~ Local Service


Tired of the 'hard sell' approach when looking for a promotional item?

At Printerator we specialize in taking a consultative approach - that means we ask questions and work with you to find the perfect item to promote you, your company, or your event!

Don't you want to make sure that your promotional/advertising/marketing dollars are used to effectively to reach a specifically targeted demographic?  Of course, you do, and we are to help you!

If you already know what you want, we are glad to work with you and put your name on cool stuff for giveaways, fund-raisers, or event mementos!

We specialize in local service, personal attention, and offer quick turn around on your orders. Thanks to our extensive supplier network, we can provide a wide range of quantities of products at competitive prices.  Many of our suppliers are local so we can offer free / minimal delivery charges!

If you're not sure of how best to use promotional products to advertise your business we can help. Want to show appreciation to your clients?  We can help with that too. Want to increase the amount of your average order?  That's right, we can help!  

Let us help you promote, advertise, market, and improve your business.

If you want t-shirts for family reunions, school clubs, civic organizations, or even class activities, we can help.  Need items for school or club fundraisers?  We can help!

You'll be *amazed* at what we can do!